Monday, 26 September 2016

Citrus Monkeys #free # knitting pattern link here

Citrus Monkeys #free # knitting pattern link here

First and foremost I take no credit for any of the FREE pattern links on this page none of these are any of my work but are the work of many talented people who have donated them generously for everyone to share ,please be grateful to them for their generosity and DO NOT  try to sell these patterns or pass them off as your own
Grateful thanks to  generosity of the very talented designers and writers of theses patterns

sometimes these links may take you to another site where you may have to register to obtain the FREE pattern ALL these sights are completely safe and registration is FREE

This blog and all of my groups on fb have been created solely for the purpose to raise money through posting FREE pattern links that I search for on the net for your use ,any money earned from the blog from google advertisements or donations go 100% to JUSTGIVING ( cancer research ) .If you have received any of the FREE patterns that have been so generously donated by so many talented writers and designers ,please  consider making a small donation of just $1 or £1 less that the price of a cup of coffee just ONCE not everytime you visit as each small amount goes further to helping those suffering and finding a cure ,the Justgiving button can be found at the right hand side of this page ,my greatful thanks to all those creative talented people out there who without there generosity this blog and my endever's would not be possible  ,and thank you also to all those wonderful people who have already donated to the charity bless you all


THIS PATTERN REQUIRES FREE LOGIN TO  love knittingMEMBERSHIP IS FREE AND THE SITE IS PERFECTLY SAFE and there will be NO annoying email from it afterwards 

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